Laiyang Shihong Reaches ISO9001 Successfully

 News     |      2020-04-15 16:45

On Apr. 8th, experts of Guardian Indenpent Certification (beijing) Co., Ltd reviewed Laiyang Shihong Handicraft Co., Ltd, to see if the company's quality management system reach ISO 9001. This audit isconsisted of 2 period – the online stage (Apr. 8th) and the on-siteinspection (Apr. 10th-12th).

The first stage is conductedthrough telephone, QQ and video, etc., to check the information of theenterprise, the management and operation mode, as well as the preparation forthe audit. After confirming satisfying all the specifications of stage one, expertscame to the factory to evaluate the management system and project operation objectively by checking files, records and workshop.

After all the checking and evaluation, audit experts recognizedthat all the conditions of Laiyang Shihong Handicraft Co., Ltd are basically upto the ISO 9001. And they also pointed out some problems lied in our productionand management system, which all can be solved if we pay more attention on.Experts also put forward us some valuable advice to help our company and stuffbecome better and better in the future.

In the future, we will formulate more practicaland effective improvement measures, to get over the problems found during thisaudit. What’s more, Laiyang Shihong will continuously improve the quality andbrand. We’ll try our best to provide best products and service to our customerand friends.